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Margot is a coach and trainer and a proud mother of 2 little global nomads. Originally from The Netherlands, she has lived and/or worked in six countries on three continents.  She’s currently based in Brunei, a small country on the beautiful island of Borneo.


This is My Story

If you’d told me 5 years ago I’d now coach people, I might not have believed you. I was about to move abroad with my husband for his new job in China, a great but also
terrifying prospect which involved giving up a beloved job in human rights for
a dependents pass and trading my family and friends for a city full of
strangers. And yet here I am, 2 countries and 2 kids later, with my own work
permit and a coaching practice in the tiny state of Brunei, South East Asia.

After doing a gap year in Spain after high school, I’d always dreamed of living abroad. Living in
a place like New York or London, with a fascinating job of my own. Moving
abroad as a “trailing spouse” (I hate that term) felt like giving up my
independence and was definitely not part of that dream.

Obviously, I had no clue what expat life was all about. It’s like becoming a parent: no matter how much you prepare yourself for it, you’ll never know what having a baby is like
until it pees in your face after crying uncontrollably at 3 AM.

Moving to China without kids and then on to Brunei with a toddler and a 3 month old baby taught me that succeeding as an expat is not about your previous work experience. It
is about connecting to your inner strength and resilience, about being willing
to connect with strange people and strange cultures, about creating your own
opportunities, about having bad days and being stronger the next day. About
letting go of what you should do and should have, about acknowledging your own
growth instead of focusing on the gap in your CV (that I don’t believe in, but
that is another story).

As a coach, I now work with expats around the world and with ambitious locals who want to grow personally and professionally. People who don’t want to be paralysed by the
temporary nature of expat life, but who want to take charge of their life, and
who have not lost their sense of humour along the way.

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